BUGATI, Italy (AP) The world’s only Bugatti Electric car will roll off the assembly line Thursday at the plant where the world first electric car was made in 1926.

The first Bugattis were produced in the late 1930s and were made for the auto industry.

The first production cars were built in Brazil in 1947, and in the 1950s they were exported to the United States.

The Bugatti is one of the worlds most iconic and iconic cars, with an iconic red and white design.

The car is a model for the modern era and a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

The factory has been built in the southern city of Bologna since 1936.

The factory is in a very good state of repair.

The building is in very good condition, the windows are intact, the air conditioning is working, there is no smoke coming out of the building, there are no problems,” said Fabio Bini, a local mechanic who has been working at the factory for a decade.

The company says the first Bugatis were made in a factory in the city of Milan.

They were later produced in a workshop in the northern town of Brescia.

The next step for the factory is to finish the second production run of the car, Bini said.

The second batch of cars will be shipped to Italy from a plant in Brazil, where the first production was made.

It is not known how many Bugatti cars the factory has produced, although it has said that about 100 have been built.

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