The Volvo electric car has been the target of many a prank call, but it has also proved to be a popular model among the public.

Now, electric car company Volvo says that it plans to develop an electric car that is a crossover vehicle with an all-electric powertrain, similar to the Toyota Camry.

According to Volvo’s press release, the company’s electric car will be called the XC90 and it will compete with the Tesla Model S. In order to compete, the Xc90 will use a similar layout to the Camry and Model S, with the XCV90 having a 3.5-liter V8 engine paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission and a range of about 200 miles (320km) on a single charge.

The company will be using a Volvo-branded battery pack, which Volvo says will help the Xcv90 achieve a range similar to that of a Nissan Leaf, which has a range from 220 to 300 miles (440 to 550km).

The company’s press conference also announced that it will be bringing an electric version of its upcoming plug-in hybrid car, the EV1, to market, which will be equipped with a similar powertrain as the Xcar.

This news comes just a month after Tesla revealed a new electric car called the Model 3, which features an 80-kWh battery and is expected to be available for sale in 2020.

Volvo has also been working on an allelectric version of the X-class since 2014, which was launched with a 5.5 tonne vehicle.

It was later replaced by the XCS90 and was sold only as a plug-inship until 2020.

Volvo also unveiled a plug in hybrid version of a new Volvo XC40 SUV in 2015.

Volkswagen also announced a plug and play electric vehicle, the C30, last month.

This model is expected in 2019, although it is not yet known if it will feature an electric powertrain.

The Volvo electric crossover will have a top speed of 150km/h (93mph), and the company said that the car will feature a range in excess of 400 miles (660km).

Volvo is the latest car company to release a plug electric vehicle that is powered by an all electric powerplant.

Last year, Toyota unveiled the plug-electric Tiguan, which boasts a maximum range of 300 miles on a charge.

Tesla recently unveiled the Model S and the Bolt, two of its next-generation electric vehicles, that will use an all hybrid powertrain with a range between 200 and 400 miles on the highway.

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