The American electric car, or plug-in hybrid, is a relatively new concept, but it is growing in popularity.

In a world where electric cars are gaining ground, some people are taking to the road in an attempt to escape from a climate of dependence on fossil fuels.

One such person is David Shiffman, an electric vehicle enthusiast who owns and operates Shiff Motorsports, a private-equity company in Orlando, Fla.

Shiff’s company sells electric vehicles for $40,000 to $60,000, and it was acquired by General Motors in 2014.

Shishman has also been promoting electric cars at events like the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The electric car is still small and easy to drive.

Shofman and his team made their first electric car at the North America International Auto show in Detroit in February 2016, and they have since sold nearly two dozen cars.

Shifman has been involved in the creation of the American electric vehicle since 2005.

Shindig, the man who made the electric car in 2017, said Shiff has been helping Shiff create a new breed of car.

“He’s a true visionary,” Shindigs said.

Shields said he is not trying to reinvent the electric vehicle, but he is trying to make a small car that can be used as a truck.

Shift is looking to sell the electric-powered pickup to buyers as an off-road vehicle.

He said the company has already made a small amount of money selling the truck to dealers in the U.S. and is looking at expanding the market.

“It’s a really exciting opportunity to be part of this market,” Shield said.

The electric-car concept Shif Motorsports built a small, electric pickup at the American International Automobile Show in 2016.

It’s easy to see why electric cars may appeal to people who like the feel of a smaller car, but electric vehicles aren’t the only way to get around.

Shashield said his company’s electric-vehicle concept, the Shiffcraft, has been a success in Europe.

The truck is small enough to be used in urban areas, with a payload of about a pound and a maximum range of about five miles.

Shighs said his truck is equipped with sensors that can track and record where the truck is going.

Shippys pickup will be available in a range of colors and configurations, and Shishig said the electric truck could have different battery and charging options, such as electric or hybrid.

“It’s going to be a really fun vehicle to drive,” Shishigs said of the electric pickup.

When the Shifcraft is built, Shindige said it will likely go into production by 2021, with the company aiming to have the truck on the road by 2023.

The Shifmobiles electric-truck concept could also have potential for other uses, Shiff said.

He thinks electric cars could eventually be used for urban transport in the future, possibly as taxis.

Shildigs said the Shildig’s truck could be used to transport people around cities or small towns, but only if the truck can be parked, like a cab.

Shisha is the owner of a small family-owned business that specializes in making electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

He plans to expand his business in the next few years, and he said he hopes to get the Shisha on the roads as soon as 2019.

Shildigs electric-van concept, with its rear view, features a solar roof, a lithium-ion battery, a solar charger, and a solar panel.

Shishig plans to offer Shildis full-size electric vehicles in the coming years.

In 2018, Shishige said he was in talks with General Motors about selling a plug-up electric car.

Shijige said the deal fell through because of a lack of interest from the auto industry.

He also said he thinks Tesla could be a potential buyer for the Shijies electric truck.

He said he and his business partner, Shisha, had hoped to sell a plug electric car to General Motors, but that was never feasible.

Shireg and Shiff are currently working on a new concept electric car called the Shishies.

Shshic was introduced at the 2017 North American Automotive Show in Michigan.

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