Volkswagen will construct an electric vehicle dealership in the state of Alabama in order to boost sales, according to a report published by Business Insider.

The report states that the dealership is expected to open sometime this year and is being built in the Alabama city of Birmingham.

The Alabama Business Alliance (ABA), which has spearheaded the efforts to build a Volkswagen electric vehicle development program, says that Volkswagen plans to invest $4 million in the business, which will employ 200 people and have an annual sales rate of more than $2 million.

ABA has also announced that it will fund $1 million of the total $10 million investment, according the report.

The Alabama-based business group said that Volkswagen has a $10 billion plan to expand electric vehicle sales in the United States, but the automaker has not yet announced plans to build an all-electric vehicle development facility.ABA said that it had secured financing for the business from a variety of sources, including a $50 million loan from Bank of America and a $15 million loan through Deutsche Bank.

According to ABA, the Volkswagen dealership will feature two parking spaces and will offer “a variety of services including electric vehicle servicing, maintenance, parts, repair and service.”

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