Electric scooters are a relatively new category, but they have been around for a while.

There’s the Tesla Model S, the popular electric car of the future, the Model X and now, a new electric scooter that’s getting ready to debut this year.

It’s called the Genesis Electric Car, and it’s built by a company called Genesis, and according to a press release, the company is planning to sell 100 of them.

The Genesis electric scooters aren’t the only electric vehicles on the market, but the Genesis line is one of the first to have a fully electric engine and drivetrain.

Here’s a look at the Genesis electric car: The Genesis is a fully-electric electric scott car, and the first fully electric electric scotch car to be offered in the U.S. As a new company, Genesis has been trying to push the envelope on electric scoots for a few years now.

In 2017, they announced the EV-4, a fully autonomous scooter designed for urban environments.

And earlier this year, they launched the EV1, a scooter powered by a battery pack.

Both of those scooters have been in the market for a couple years now, and they’re both very promising, particularly considering how expensive electric scooties can be.

They’re also cheaper than a traditional electric car.

Genesis is aiming to make $100,000 per car, with a $250,000 base price for a full-size Genesis, but it’s looking like they’re aiming for $125,000 to $150,000.

So for a $25,000 price point, the Genesis EV1 would be a steal.

And it’ll have a battery of its own, too, which means the EV2 will also be able to go up to 100 miles on a single charge.

That means you could buy a Genesis EV2 for just under $250 when it comes to the base price, and you could get one for $350 after that.

The company has also built a few other electric scopes, including the EV5, which is a scoped scooter, and is aimed at urban environments, but not for the purposes of commuting.

The EV1 and EV2 are also powered by electric motors, and Genesis is looking to make them affordable.

The most interesting thing about the Genesis, though, is that the EV4 is designed to be built on a completely new platform.

It uses a hybrid architecture, meaning it uses a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, which makes the Genesis even more compact.

The design of the Genesis was also optimized for the new EV1 platform, which also means that the Genesis will use a hybrid powertrain, as well.

This will be the first EV scooter to use a plug in hybrid system, so you can expect the Genesis to have comparable fuel economy and range ratings as a conventional scooter.

That’s good news for people who are looking to get more out of their EV scooters.

They also make the Genesis a lot quieter than other scooters, which should help with noise levels.

The scotches are available in three colors: green, red, and blue.

You can order one for just $250 or the full $250 after the first $25 off.

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