Tesla Motors’ little electric car covers up for missing charger

A little electric sports car covered up for its missing charger is the latest example of the company’s growing pains.

The Tesla Model S is one of several new sports car models that Tesla says it has successfully implemented as a way to meet growing demand for electric vehicles, as the company has faced a series of safety and battery issues.

Tesla has said that the new model, the Model 3, will be unveiled in September.

Tesla says the company plans to release its second-generation Model 3 late next year.

But the Model S, like all of Tesla’s electric sports cars, is currently missing an adapter to a standard battery pack.

The problem has been a long-standing one: the battery connector is often on the outside of the car, while inside the car the plug is plugged into a wall outlet.

To fix the problem, Tesla has added a small adapter that connects to a wall socket.

But Tesla has only been able to provide the adapter to its cars for about a year, and its cars have been subject to some technical glitches.

The company said last week that it had been testing the adapter in cars with its new Model 3 sports car, which will be the first in its lineup with an electric motor.

The adapter can be plugged into the wall socket of a car, and Tesla said it would “immediately be available” to Model S owners.

Tesla says the adapter is being tested with a Model S with an adapter that plugs into the same wall socket as the Model X.

The plug adapter has not yet been installed on the Model Y, the next model in the Model III lineup, but Tesla said in a statement that the company is working on a similar adapter for Model X, as well as in the new Model X sports car.

But even if the adapter works, it may not be an effective solution to the missing battery connector.

In an email to the New York Times, a Tesla spokesperson wrote, “the adapter that we are developing is an adapter and adapter alone will not provide a solution to this problem.”

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