Tesla cars with more range and fewer emissions are now cheaper than luxury cars in Israel

In a move that has already been criticised by Israeli consumer groups, the government of Israel has recently introduced legislation to allow electric cars with up to 500km range to be sold in the country, without a sticker price tag.

According to the Israeli news site Ma’an, the new law has been approved by the Israeli government, but it is still awaiting the approval of the United Nations, which is currently in a meeting with the country’s government.

According the website, the bill would allow for the sale of the first 100 vehicles that reach Israel’s main market in Tel Aviv, the Israeli capital, within five years, up from the current three.

According Ma’en, this would also allow the sale to other markets outside of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and would be in addition to the 100 vehicles currently on the market in Israel.

The news agency added that the legislation would also create a separate sales tax for electric vehicles in the form of a tax on each kWh of battery power, which would then be charged to consumers when they purchase a new vehicle.

The government has been attempting to encourage the development of electric vehicles, as the government has also pledged to help the country meet its ambitious renewable energy targets, which aim to reduce the countrys carbon footprint by at least 80 percent by 2050.

Israel’s Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Avraham Golan, has previously announced that the country is looking to launch a nationwide rollout of charging stations, with a goal of providing 20,000 charging stations across the country by 2020.

The ministry has also stated that the number of charging points would be reduced by 80 percent, and that there would be an additional 500 stations to be established in Tel, Haifa and Ashkelon by 2020, according to a recent press release from the ministry.

This new legislation follows on the heels of the introduction of the country to the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which allows for the importation of EVs to other European Union member states.

Following the ETS introduction in July 2017, the UK and France introduced their own ETS regulations, which allow for imports of EVs for use in their respective countries, although it was not until late 2016 that UK was able to officially launch its ETS program.

In Israel, however, the Ets are not only being introduced to the country; Israel has also recently passed legislation allowing for the manufacture of all new EVs to be imported into the country.

In addition, the country has also been given permission to produce new versions of EVs, including the Model S, the Model X, and the Model 3.

As part of the Eats programme, a new electric car will be built for the country in the coming years, which will feature a range of over 600 kilometres, an output of 5,500 kW, and will feature the battery range of 500km.

The announcement came just two weeks after Tesla announced its first vehicle, a Model 3, which was expected to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show.

Tesla has been one of the most controversial brands in the world over the last decade, as it has been accused of profiting off of the suffering of the world’s poorest and most oppressed people, and has been criticised for its stance on climate change.

The company has also faced criticism over its stance towards the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, which has been seen as a trade deal for China, and which is opposed by Israel.

In recent years, Tesla has also come under fire for the lack of support it has received from the Israeli military.

In October 2017, Israeli authorities arrested a Tesla driver who was allegedly attempting to sell an illegally modified Model S on the internet.

In May 2017, Israel’s police arrested three people in connection with the sale and distribution of illegal cars, including one who allegedly sold an illegal Nissan Leaf, a Tesla Model S electric car, to an Israeli soldier.

In January 2018, Israeli police arrested two people in relation to the sale, distribution, and distribution, respectively, of illegal vehicles.

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