Tesla, Audi announce electric car and electric battery partnership

The German car maker Audi and the Italian car maker Tesla have announced an agreement to build an electric vehicle.

The German automaker Audi and German carmaker Tesla have unveiled an agreement, according to German newspaper Bild.

The news came from a statement from the companies on Sunday, and came in response to the ongoing US Supreme Court ruling that Tesla was liable for the deaths of two drivers in a 2016 crash that killed three.

The ruling also overturned a California law that required automakers to disclose the safety records of any vehicle they sell.

The court ruled that the law violated California’s vehicle code and, therefore, violates the First Amendment.

Tesla, in response, said it was willing to share the safety record of its vehicles with the state of California.

The companies said the agreement is subject to approval from California’s Attorney General and is expected to be signed in coming days.

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