Tesla, which is already selling its new Model 3 sedan and Model X SUV in the United States, has now announced a new electric vehicle for the coming year.

The new vehicle is a scoot electric vehicle that is based on the Tesla Model S, Tesla’s premium sedan and its only mass-market vehicle.

The scoot is not Tesla’s first EV that is being built with the Model S architecture.

In 2017, Tesla announced a version of the Model X sedan called the Scoot SUV.

But this is the first scoot EV that will be powered by a Model S-based architecture.

The scoot will be available for the Model 3 and the upcoming Model X. It is a more powerful version of Tesla’s current Scoot line of electric cars.

The new scoot comes with a top speed of 155 mph and has a range of about 90 miles.

It will also be available in an optional two-seat package that will offer additional seating for up to six passengers.

The company says it is working on a third-generation scoot, which would be powered solely by the Model Z and Z35 platform, with the same range.

The Model 3 is Tesla’s most expensive car, and the Model Y, which was introduced in September 2017, is currently the company’s best-selling car.

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