Tesla Motors announced the new electric sedan in a tweet.

It’s called the Tesla Model S, and it comes with a new battery that it says can go 400 miles on a single charge.

It starts at $70,000.

“It has the same power output and range of the Tesla Roadster,” Tesla says on its website.

The Model S is available now in two flavors: the premium, $90,000 version and the entry-level, $55,000 Model S sedan.

Both versions will be available later this year.

The car also includes the Tesla Autopilot system, which enables the driver to drive the car with the car in reverse.

The company says the car can be driven on city streets and highways, with lane departure warning activated.

The price for the premium sedan will be $82,500.

The entry-line sedan will start at $62,500 and go for $40,000 in the United States.

The Tesla Model 3, expected in the next couple of years, will be priced at $80,000, and the price for that sedan will also be $80.

In 2018, Tesla plans to start making the Model 3 electric car.

Tesla’s first Model 3 will be a four-door sedan that starts at just $37,500, according to the company.

The first production Model 3 was expected in 2019.

The new Model S and Model 3 are available now at the following dealerships: Tesla Motors, the company that makes the Model S; Tesla Store, a store that sells the Model X; and Tesla Motors Club, a club that offers the Model Z. The only other car available in the US is the Volkswagen Polo R, which is a hatchback.

The Golf GTI will be released later this month.

Tesla has more than 20 dealers in the U.S. It is also expanding its fleet of superchargers to include two stations in Los Angeles, California.

A third new Supercharger, located in Reno, Nevada, is also being built to connect to existing Superchargers.

The charging network for the Model 7 is scheduled to begin this summer.

In addition to the Model 2, Tesla has also announced a new electric car, the Model C, which starts at around $70.

It has an 80-mile range and an 80kWh battery.

Tesla says it will unveil the first car in 2019 at the Detroit Auto Show.

The automaker also announced it will launch its self-driving vehicles next year.

In January, the automaker announced that it would buy a stake in Cruise Automation, a Silicon Valley start-up that makes a self-drive technology that has been tested on test tracks around the world.

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