On March 30, Solo Electric Cars in Australia went on sale to the public.

They will be priced at $7,700, but can be purchased for $735,000.

The car can be customized with a range of 400 kilometres on a single charge, or 300 kilometres on full charge.

It has a total of 6,400 kilometres of range, and can be driven from a distance of up to 200 kilometres, but it is still capable of traveling more than 400 kilometres without a recharging station.

This is the first Solo electric car to be offered in Australia.

The company claims that the car is the world’s first fully electric vehicle, but its sales are down compared to last year, with Solo Electric cars losing around 40 per cent of their sales in the first quarter of 2018.

The Solo Electric car’s range is actually 400 kilometres, which makes it the second lowest of all the electric cars on sale, after the Tesla Model S, which is currently on sale in the US for $50,000 in Australia, and the Tesla Roadster, which was only available in Australia for $35,900 last year.

The Solo Electric is a four-seat, seven-door vehicle that seats six people and has a top speed of 220 kilometres per hour.

The vehicle has an engine that produces around 5,000 kilowatts, and a battery pack of up the 8,000-kilowatt-hour capacity.

Solo Electric Cars will be sold exclusively to the private sector, and will only be available to purchase from March 30.

If you’re interested in a Solo Electric, you can register now on Solo Electric’s website.

More to come.

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