How to watch Germany’s electric car race through the eyes of a veteran journalist

Posted October 01, 2018 07:58:51The BMW Z4 electric car has a battery pack of 20,000 volts and a range of about 400 miles.

It is expected to reach full electric driving in 2020, but its first test run in the US on Tuesday was a failure.

The vehicle failed to deliver enough power for a test drive.

The car, which is a successor to the BMW M4, is designed to offer a “completely new way to travel,” BMW spokesman Thomas Roesler said.

A few hundred miles per charge will get the car to 80 miles per hour, which the car’s owner, Andreas Fischler, said he expected.

“It’s not about the power,” he said.

“It’s about the experience of the ride.

The M4 is a great car.

It was designed for the road, not for the night.

It’s not a vehicle to drive a Porsche 911.

That’s the point.”

The BMWs first test drive in the U.S. on Tuesday lasted for about 15 minutes.

Fischleler said the car will be available for immediate public use, and a full battery run in 2020 will be “the beginning of that.”

Roesler declined to say how much electricity the BMWs battery pack has produced.

“The battery has an efficiency of about 7 percent,” he told Reuters.

“We’ll see.”

Fischler told Reuters that the company is not worried about charging its batteries, as it has done for years with electric cars.

He said the BMW Z3 was the first car that made a “really big breakthrough” in the electric vehicle industry.

Fischer said the company’s electric cars are powered by batteries that have a life of about 60,000 miles.

In the U, the BMW i8 is the most powerful electric car on the market, with a range and a battery that can last up to 120,000 kilometers.

Last week, BMW introduced the i8, the companys newest electric car.

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