You can make a car that makes the world a better place, or make it less efficient, but the best electric car is still going to have to be more fuel-efficient.

That’s what German electric car maker Electric Vehicle Authority (EVA) has said.

Here are the key points from the news release:”The EAE (European Automobile Council) has recently reviewed the EVA’s Electric Vehicle Efficiency Assessment (EEA) in a way that allows it to take into account a range of key energy sources including electricity, water, and CO2 emissions.

The evaluation shows that, for a range-extended electric vehicle to achieve a range and efficiency of 50 percent, it needs to have a range more than 3,000 km.

That means it needs the same number of electric vehicles as a bus.

It also requires a higher efficiency than a bus, which can be achieved with a range between 300 and 400 kilometres.”

The EEA is part of the European Commission, the European Union’s executive arm.

The commission is the EU’s regulatory body.EAE’s EAE-2017 EVA-2025 report says: “A more sustainable electric vehicle is the first step in the development of an EV that is also a reliable and affordable transportation option for many people and for the environment.

It is also essential for the introduction of EVs into the market.”

The EVA is a vehicle body that has made a lot of progress over the past few years, and this new report shows it’s one that is still working to catch up.

In the EV-2050 report, the EEA states that the EV A2025 could achieve a 100 percent EV range, as long as it was not too fuel-intensive.

The EAE report says this will require the vehicle to be as fuel-free as possible, and then to be even more efficient than a diesel vehicle.

The report says the EV 2050 could be made as fuel efficient as the Toyota Prius.

This means it would use the same amount of energy as a gasoline-powered vehicle, but would have a lower cost of fuel and be cheaper to run.

The EAA has said that the EAE’s EVA assessment is not meant to be an objective, but rather a tool that is used to identify areas where EVA can make the most of its EVA resources.

The report is not the final word, the commission said, and more work is needed to ensure the EAA can deliver a range, efficiency, and range that is good enough to be widely adopted.

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