Electric cars are slowly moving into the mainstream in India, where the country’s population is expected to hit 8.2 billion by 2030.

But that growth is slowly eroding, as the economy is being squeezed by climate change and the country faces serious health and safety challenges, including rising pollution.

With electric vehicles already available in the market, the government is pushing for a more inclusive electric vehicle fleet.

While India has a long road ahead, there are plenty of electric cars that can be bought for less than $5,000.

India’s first EV, the Kia K20, is one such vehicle.

A brand new electric car, Kia is launching a limited edition Kia E-Type in India.

It will cost $7,000 in India and it is available in three colors – silver, black and blue.

It will be available on October 26.

Kia Kia has also announced the launch of the KIAEV e-Drive, which will be a full electric vehicle that will start at around $10,000 and can be sold in the country.

It is expected that the car will start its debut in India in the first half of 2019.

According to the company, the first 500 Kia e-Drives will be sold at Rs. 2,000 ($2,100), Rs. 3,000 (about $3,200) and Rs. 4,000 for a total of Rs. 6,000, which is around Rs. 7,000 per car.

The first 500 e-Dos will be delivered by the end of 2019, with the e-Driver 2 and e-Echo 2 versions coming soon.

What do you think about the Indian government’s electric car plans?

Share your thoughts below.

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