The electric car industry is on the verge of a major breakthrough.

A new electric vehicle that’s been designed to transport your baby to the park and back, the Electric Drive.

As it turns out, it’s pretty awesome.

The Electric Vehicle is a hybrid electric car with all the bells and whistles of an EV, but without the gasoline engine.

The Electric Drive is actually a hybrid of two electric cars: the Nissan LEAF and the Toyota Prius, the latter of which is a compact crossover.

What makes the electric car different from the gas car?

The Leaf has an electric motor and battery pack, while the Prius has a gasoline engine that produces electricity when it’s in the drivetrain.

Both cars are capable of doing a staggering 300 miles of travel, while only needing about 20% of the gas you would normally need to drive.

It’s a great combination, especially for a baby.

The Electric Vehicle is designed to carry your baby and two or three other people.

Its battery pack can hold about 1,500 miles on a single charge, while its electric motor can deliver 300 miles per charge.

I was lucky enough to ride in a prototype of the Electro Drive when it debuted at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, which means that I’m familiar with it, and its driving abilities.

You can read about it and learn more about the car on our Electric Drive page.

Why you might want one: The electric car is not for everyone.

There are plenty of people who would like to travel long distances without a car and, because of their car-obsessed lifestyle, will probably choose a gas-powered vehicle over the electric one.

However, there are plenty more people who don’t want to be stuck in traffic all day long.

If you’re one of these people, you should consider a hybrid or electric car as a means to go on a long drive.

You’ll save money on your gas bill, and you’ll also have an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the Los Angeles area.

How much do I pay for this EV?

At $34,995, the Electric Car is a bargain.

This car costs about $17,000 to build, but it’s actually about $10,000 cheaper than a gas car.

In California, a vehicle with a gross weight of over 3,000 pounds can be sold for less than $30,000.

To get an electric car that’s capable of handling your child, you’ll have to shell out a little extra.

So how does it work?

When you buy an electric vehicle, you pay a monthly fee that is based on your driving style.

Depending on your income level, the fee ranges from $1,300 for the LEAF to $6,000 for the Prios.

For those who live in California, you may want to consider an electric hybrid car.

They have more miles per gallon than gas cars, and they can be driven more easily.

Some people are more likely to buy a gas or hybrid vehicle, and some people are less likely to, but if you do decide to go with an electric or hybrid car, you might as well take advantage of the advantages.

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