How to get an electric car from Hawaii to Los Angeles and back in less than two hours

Hawaii is the first state to offer electric car buyers the ability to buy and lease a car, and the company that makes the vehicles is taking the first steps toward a nationwide rollout.

The California-based company that’s building the car, Ola, says its car has an EPA-rated range of 130 miles and can be fully charged in just over two hours.

But there are still some caveats, according to Ola CEO Rakesh Sharma: It’s not a fully electric car and can’t run on gasoline.

The vehicle also requires batteries to run and be connected to the grid.

Ola is launching the car in the U.S. on March 28.

Ota is also rolling out electric cars in India and China.

Ola’s car has the ability for a user to charge the car using a solar panel, and it’s compatible with existing battery packs, but it doesn’t have a charger for charging on the road.

The car also has no air conditioning and a power adapter that can’t be plugged in.

Olta says it plans to start selling the car at the beginning of March in the United States.

Oeta, which also makes electric cars, has said it will start selling electric cars for sale in the first half of 2018.

Oya has said that it expects to start offering electric cars later this year in Europe and Australia.

Olta said its car is an “unprecedented step” for Ola and the first car for which a vehicle can be leased for an extended period of time.

Oota said it plans a similar approach for the car Ola will offer.

Ota is offering the car for $5,000 a month for 30 months.

Osta said its vehicle will be sold in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Otea, which is building an electric vehicle for the U,K., is selling the vehicle for $7,500 a month.

Oota said Ola’s electric car is compatible with other battery types.

It’s also compatible with standard battery packs.

Ootas vehicles are meant to be used in crowded cities or rural areas, where they can save on fuel and cost as little as $100 per year per car.

Oga has already started selling its electric vehicles in India.

Oeta’s Ola EV has the capacity to go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 minutes.

Oetas battery packs can go from 0 to 100 miles per hours in 3.7 seconds.

The Ota Ola car has a range of more than 150 miles and is compatible to any gasoline car, battery pack, plug-in hybrid, or plug-ins.

Oka says its Ola Ola can go 150 miles on a single charge.

Oha is making a similar car, called the Ola Taima, and is also planning to launch it in the second half of this year.

Owa, which makes an electric, pluggable vehicle called the Iso, is launching it in India in the third quarter of this season.

Otea said it expects the Ota car to be available by the end of this month in Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

The company says its cars will also be available in China and South Korea.

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