The Norwegian government is looking for a new car for every one of its citizens.

The government recently decided to offer a new electric car in 2017 to the public.

The car is called the EV9000, which comes with a new battery pack and battery charger.

It can reach a maximum speed of 120km/h and can drive on paved roads.

The Norwegian car is equipped with a solar roof and it can charge up to six batteries.

The EV90000 is now being sold in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Austria, and Belgium.

The EV900 will be the first Norwegian electric car to come to market since a plug-in hybrid car called the Nissan Leaf was released in 2016.

It will come with a price tag of $39,800.

The Nissan Leaf has a range of 80km on the highway, and the Norwegian government has also announced a new subsidy program for the EV 9000.

It is the first new car in a long time that Norway has offered a new EV.

The government has decided to use the tax-free vehicle program to raise money for its electrification plan.

It has already set up a fund that will help households in Norway to purchase an EV.

The fund has already raised $20 million, and Norway is now looking for additional funds to support the EV program.

The electric car was originally developed as a research project in 2010, but was cancelled in 2015.

The new EV is the result of several years of work, and a collaboration between Norwegian researchers and the car manufacturer.

The company is now working with the Norwegian Ministry of Infrastructure to create the EV model, which will be produced by the same manufacturer.

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