The $7,000 electric car that was built by a man who had a $25,000 loan from a California auto dealership and used a $1,500 Lamborghini supercar was the subject of a recent documentary.

The film, entitled “The Power of Passion,” shows the car in action and shows how it is designed, assembled and tested.

The vehicle, the first in the Lamborghinis supercar line, had a range of just over 50 miles and cost around $15,000, but the cost of the car is estimated at $7 million, a figure that was not included in the budget.

The $5 million loan was paid off, the film says.

The production, which is being produced by the film’s producer, Chris Bohn, is part of a growing trend that aims to highlight the many ways Americans are contributing to their country’s economy.

Last year, the U.S. Department of Energy produced a report that ranked the country in the top 10 countries that invest in renewable energy.

The report showed that Americans are the largest single investor in renewable power generation, with more than 50 percent of the world’s investment coming from the U-S.

The government has recently introduced a plan to build the most ambitious new solar power station in the U., the Solar Energy Industries Association said in a press release.

The plan is expected to generate more than 2.5 million gigawatt hours (GW) of clean power, the equivalent of about 3.7 million average U. S. homes.

But as the government ramps up renewable power, people are questioning whether the government should be spending billions of dollars to subsidize renewable energy that is produced locally.

“The money we spend on clean energy doesn’t come from government, it comes from our communities,” said Joe Roesler, a spokesperson for the Sierra Club.

“We want our community to be empowered to lead and control their own energy future.”

The government’s push to ramp up renewable energy production has been met with resistance from some local leaders who say it could put too much pressure on the local economies and environment.

The environmental group the Center for Biological Diversity has accused the government of wasting taxpayer dollars, arguing that “green” projects are more likely to be built in places that are already burdened with pollution.

A 2016 study from the Council on Environmental Quality found that solar power generated in areas with low air quality and heavy industrial use was nearly twice as expensive as similar renewable power projects in low-polluting areas.

The study also found that cities with high concentrations of greenhouse gases were likely to benefit from higher electricity rates.

But Roeslers claims that the government’s effort to boost renewable energy is “the perfect solution for those communities where it’s needed most.”

The program, known as RPS, is aimed at promoting clean energy, with $3.2 billion to support renewable energy projects across the U

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