Tesla Motors, the world’s largest maker of electric vehicles, has set a target to get 100 percent of its vehicles tested on electric city cars by 2021.

The automaker will be able to sell electric cars that run on battery storage, including the Tesla Roadster, which will be offered as an option in the Model S sedan, and the Roadster P85D.

The goal is to get Tesla vehicles on the roads by 2025, said Elon Musk, the founder and chief executive of the electric automaker.

The company has already sold more than 200,000 electric vehicles since the Model 3 sedan was launched in 2016, and has now announced plans to deliver 1 million to 1.5 million electric cars annually through 2021.

Tesla is also investing $2 billion in research, development and manufacturing to develop electric vehicles.

Musk said he expects that by 2021, electric city vehicles will become more common and will be cheaper to buy and operate.

The Model S, the Tesla Model 3 and the Model X are among the vehicles that will be available as an electric city vehicle, he said.

Tesla’s goal is also to get as many as 30,000 autonomous vehicles on roads by 2021 as well as make them available to customers as standard.

The Roadster will be a standard option for the Model C, which is due out in 2021, Musk said.

The Roadster is the most affordable and most capable car available with a battery that is larger than a lithium ion battery.

Musch is also planning to introduce autonomous cars with sensors, cameras and other features later this year.

The new Model X, which has a price tag of $70,000, will have more features and will have a smaller battery, he added.

Musker said Tesla expects to deliver the vehicles to customers by 2021 and expects to be able sell 100 percent electric vehicles by then.

The Model S has already become the best-selling car in the world with about 2 million units, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The average price of a Tesla Model S is $84,988.

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