TESLA (TSLA) ELECTRIC CARS is pleased to announce the “Tesla E” for 2019.

The electric vehicle (EV) will be produced in China by TESLabs, which has been in the business of designing and producing EVs for more than 20 years.

This is the first vehicle in the series to be produced by the company, which is now the second-largest EV maker in the world.

The Tesla E is expected to sell for around $30,000, with the base model priced at around $27,000.

The car’s battery will be around 4,000mAh, compared to the 2,000mah cell found in the Tesla Model S and Model X. Tesla’s “supercharger network” will also be integrated into the car, which will offer up to 1,000 miles of charging in one hour.

Tesla has also said it will have around 10,000 Model S cars to go.

The company expects to start production of the Tesla E at its Fremont, California factory in late 2019.TESLA will also produce the “TESL” car for the US market.

TESOLabs, the name of its new company, is a spin-off of TESla, the carmaker’s parent company.

The TESLS are expected to be sold in Europe, Asia and Australia.

TESA (TSEA) will also continue its US production.

This year, the company expects that it will be the only US EV company to produce an EV for sale in the US, although it has also confirmed that it is considering selling its existing production in the states.TESA has also announced plans to enter the US electric car market.

This means it will build a range of models including a crossover SUV and a sports car.TESCO is aiming to have its first production car in 2019 and a range at least 10, and may also produce its own EV vehicles in the future.

TESCO also plans to offer an all-electric, fuel-cell vehicle, although this has yet to be decided.

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