The electric car industry has been in the news for a while now.

This is mainly due to the introduction of a few more cars, including the Tesla Model 3 and the upcoming Tesla Roadster.

But there are still a few big hurdles to overcome before we can expect any more electric cars to hit the road.

The major obstacle is the price of electric cars.

A large percentage of the cars that have been built so far are priced around $35,000, making it extremely difficult to afford the most affordable electric car available.

Nio Electric cars are currently the only electric car supplier in the UK and they will be offering the UK’s next electric car at a discounted price.

This means that, while prices are likely to be high for a few months, there will be no need to rush into buying an electric car right away.

As Nio is only supplying the UK, the price will be set at a slightly lower level than the European and US models.

The price of the UK model will be $25,000 and the US price will cost $30,000.

However, this is still well below the $65,000 price tag of the new Tesla Roadsters.

To give you an idea of how much cheaper the UK Model 3 is, Nio’s cheapest electric car will cost £22,000 when it arrives in the country in 2019.

That means that the UK car is priced at around $26,000 if it is available at the time.

If you buy an older Model 3, it will cost a little more, at $40,000 on top of the £22k price tag.

That puts the UK price at around £22 per kWh.

This new deal will also help to support the development of the Nio electric vehicle, which is the company’s flagship product.

Nio said that the new deal “will enable Nio to deliver a significant range of high-performance electric vehicles to our customers over the next few years”.

The £25,00 price point for the new UK Model is the highest price point the UK has ever set for an electric vehicle.

However the Nia Electric Vehicle range will only be offered in the coming years and Nio expects to introduce its own range of electric vehicles in 2019 and 2020.

Nia will also be offering a range of its own electric cars that will also cost a few hundred pounds more than the Model 3.

These include the Nizam and Nizab, as well as the Niego, which has a range around 200 miles.

The Nio EV range will be around £35,500, which means that this will be the cheapest electric vehicle available in the market at the moment.

While Nio says that the price increase is only the beginning, the company does believe that the electric car market is growing.

The UK’s electric car and EV market is set to grow in the future, with the demand for electric cars growing exponentially and there are even more cars coming on the market that have the potential to offer more range.

It is important to note that these prices are only the start of the story, however, and Nia is planning on offering even more vehicles in the near future.

The Nio Model 3 will be available in 2019, with Nio already offering the Model S, S2 and S3.

The company also plans to offer a range up to 200 miles, which would give the Nios range of 200 miles and the Model 2 range of about 120 miles.

This would give an additional 20 miles of range, which should help to reduce the price even further.

In the next six months, Nia will be selling a range between 50,000-100,000 units per year, with each model sold costing £25K.

This will give the company around £500M in sales a year.

Nia says that it expects to see the market for electric vehicles increase significantly over the coming decade.

The car companies goal is to see a 25% growth in the sales of electric car in the next five years.

This has already happened in the last two years and the company is expecting to see it increase by another 25% in the year 2020.

Nai said that this growth is the result of several factors.

One of the key factors was the introduction and launch of the Model Y in 2019 which is an all-electric car.

NIO’s CEO John Wray said that while the Model X was initially seen as a big step forward for the electric vehicle market, it is now “the biggest leap forward for electric vehicle sales in the past five years”.

According to the company, Model Y sales have already surpassed the 200,000 mark and they are expected to hit a million sales in 2020.

This could be a major boost for Nio.

According to Nio, the Model Model Y is already the world’s largest selling electric car.

It was launched in June 2018,

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