Electric car is a ‘disruptive technology’ that could revolutionise transport

A car that is capable of traveling at up to 200km/h, but has no brakes or power steering, is the next disruptive technology to emerge from China. 

The world’s second-largest economy has been investing heavily in electric vehicles to boost economic growth and improve safety and fuel efficiency.

The country is also racing to develop an advanced electric-powered car capable of carrying passengers and freight in a few years time, and the government is looking at making it available to the general public in 2019.

But the technology could prove to be more challenging for China’s car industry than the government had initially thought, and a number of problems could derail its progress.

According to one of China’s leading car-makers, one of the major hurdles to developing an electric vehicle is cost.

“In the past, electric cars have cost around 50 to 60 percent of what conventional vehicles cost,” said Zhu Guangnan, vice president of car manufacturer Huayi Group, in an interview with the China Daily newspaper.

In the last year, however, Huayis company has seen sales of its electric cars rise significantly and it is expecting that figure to reach 60 percent by the end of 2020. 

“We are now trying to reduce the cost of electric cars by 80 percent to 100 percent,” Zhu added.

Despite the steep cost of the electric car that Zhu and Huayies own, the company has managed to raise funds from the Chinese government and private investors, as well as international companies such as Toyota and Hyundai.

And now, according to the newspaper, Huays electric car has been granted the approval of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIT) for commercialisation.

The ministry approved the development of the car’s first electric-car production unit on Wednesday, and Zhu said the company is planning to launch its first electric vehicles in 2019, as the company aims to reduce production costs by 80 per cent.

Currently, China has over a million electric vehicles on its roads. 

But the Chinese car industry is facing some hurdles, and this is why the government needs to step in and ensure that electric cars are ready for commercial use.

Electric cars are designed to operate on a range of voltages, and they do not have the same safety features as conventional vehicles.

Even though the Chinese Government is encouraging electric cars, there are also a number challenges, according the car-maker.

For example, the technology to make electric cars is still in its early stages, and there are still a number technical and safety issues that need to be addressed.

“In addition to the technical aspects, the government should also take into account the impact on traffic safety,” Zhu said.

A number of car-related issues have also prevented the electric-vehicle from entering the market, including issues with the carmaker’s batteries, which have a limited lifespan and are prone to overheating.

Huayi also faces the challenge of securing funding for the project, as its electric-cars are a relatively new technology and it has to secure funding from other companies to start production.

Meanwhile, Huiyi hopes to overcome these issues in 2019 by building its first factory for production of electric vehicles, and then building a third factory for the development and sale of electric-related products.

However, the new company is not without its critics, as some of the key features that Huayijies electric car offers are not yet well understood.

There is also concern that the electric cars will suffer from air pollution, as there are concerns about their emission of greenhouse gases.

Another issue that Huiyis new electric car faces is the fact that the cars will have to be fully charged every day.

At the moment, there is no charging infrastructure in China, and electric-driving vehicles are very expensive.

If Huayiyis electric car becomes the first to be offered commercially, it will have a much larger market share than other electric vehicles currently on the road.

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