Mitsubishis newest EV, the Mitsubiyakan EV1, is the first fully electric vehicle to make the jump from concept to reality.

Its performance, design and battery are the perfect blend of performance, utility and affordability.

Mitsubishi EV1 is Mitsubischans first fully-electric vehicle.

It is powered by a new and improved electric motor, with the motor rated at 7,000W and capable of driving up to 40kmh.

The vehicle is equipped with the latest in technology, including advanced wireless charging and a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The car is designed for urban driving.

Its battery is able to store a maximum of 500km of range.

The Mitsubikans new EV1 has a range of up to 1,000km, and is powered using a 6-cylinder, diesel engine.

Its total capacity is 8,000kg (14,000lb).

The Mitsibashan EV is a fully electric, fully electric motorcycle.

The vehicle can be charged up to 60% in 3 hours.

It has a maximum speed of 70kmh and is capable of going up to 140kmh, which is up to 12kmh more than a normal motorcycle.

Its top speed is 125kmh in a 0.62-litre fuel tank.

The new Mitsubis EV1 will be available in Japan and the United States in 2017.

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