BMW is going to roll out a new electric car for the 2019 model year, the BMW i3.

The new model will be called the BMW Electric Car Charger and will be a plug-in hybrid.

The i3 is being designed by BMW’s head of electric vehicle strategy, Helmut Lang, and it will be sold in the US and Europe in 2019.

The BMW i-E is the company’s first plug-ins and the first car that BMW is introducing with a plug in hybrid architecture.

Lang says the i3 and the i-Series plug-ups are the same size, have the same amount of electric motor, and are compatible with the same BMW i and i3 electric vehicles.

The price for the plug-up version will be about $30,000.

Lang said the plug in models will be available in Europe, the US, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, Norway, and Turkey.

The electric car charger will also have a similar design, but will be smaller, lighter, and lighter than the plug car charger.

The chargers will also be available for a limited time, but won’t be available until the end of the year.

The plug-n-play charging system for the i and the plug electric car charging system will also come to the i.

The charging system can charge up to five plug-out models simultaneously.

Lang told Automotive News he is looking to sell between 10,000 and 15,000 of the chargers to customers, but estimates that it could be even higher.

The pricing will be similar to the plug and play charging systems offered by other automakers.

The next-generation plug-drive electric cars will start to roll off the assembly line in 2019 and be ready to go on the road in 2020.

The first cars will be made by General Motors.

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