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The trend of electric motorcycle smart Gopro Zip Suzika in Vietnam

25 November, 2019 xediendpt

The trend of playing Gogoro smart electric car appears more in the US, in Vietnam many young people want to own this car. But with the price of 135 million dong excluding shipping costs, Gogoro electric cars still make Vietnamese consumers hesitate.

After many years of development, Taiwanese electric car company has just launched the Gopro Zip Suzika electric car with impressive design with unique features like a true smart electric car. Owning a fairly large speed of 85km / h for a distance of 100km / 1 full charge, Gopro Zip Suzika has overcome the disadvantages of the current electric bikes such as traveling at a slow speed, the distance is short so Want to go to remote locations, going away is also difficult. Gopro Zip Suzika electric motorcycle has been officially available in Vietnam for only 15,500,000 VND.

Gopro Zip Suzika electric motorcycle with impressive rounded design is very modern and personality. As the first smart electric car in Vietnam without a key, there is no lock on the car, all functions are encapsulated in a single controller like the current luxury cars.

Every detail and part of a vehicle is a result of a thorough research and selection process through many rigorous tests with strict censorship.

Gopro Zip Suzika is equipped with a super strong engine system using 5 30Ah batteries operating with a capacity of up to 1800W to help the car reach a maximum speed of 85km / h. Up to this point, Gopro Zip Suzika is considered to be the fastest vehicle among electric vehicles in the market of electric vehicles in Vietnam. It has three levels of speed, normal and slow, that help the driver to control the speed of the vehicle better.

Although the speed of the car is quite high, the car still ensures safety for drivers on all roads. With anti-lock brakes front and rear disc brakes combined with tubeless tire system with smooth tire technology of large distributing race car has very good traction, safety for users including in the heatiest conditions.

Gopro Zip Suzika is the first vehicle to use a 30Ah battery pack – the largest battery available today, allowing the car to go up to 80 – 100km / 1 charge fully and specially with quite a lot of outstanding features. but the design of the car is not rough, but looking back at the young and dynamic design makes its owner more beautiful when sitting in the car. This is probably the reason why many young people “fall in love” with this lovely car!

Nowadays, using electric cars is not as simple as a means, it is also a fashion item that always accompanies the trendy collections of young clothes, it is also the way for you. children express their personality, especially it is a play that many people are passionate about learning every day.

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