Dai Phat Tin Electric Car Brand No.1 in Vietnam
Dai Phat Tin Electric Car Brand No.1 in Vietnam
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Dai Phat Tin provide all types of electric cars, assembled electric cars, electric cars imported CBU. Passenger trams with a capacity of 2 to 23 seats, serving the needs of sightseeing at sea tourism sites, eco-tourism sites, historical sites, urban areas, ... In addition There are electric cars with few seats to serve the travel needs of households. Electric golf carts with a capacity of 2-8 seats are quite popular. The line of electric trucks with a variety of designs, closed containers, mezzanines, separate body cars according to customers' requirements. Suitable for transporting luggage, food for passengers in resorts - convalescence, transporting goods in industrial zones, internal enterprises, stadiums, airports, ...


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