Dai Phat Tin Electric Car Brand No.1 in Vietnam
Dai Phat Tin Electric Car Brand No.1 in Vietnam
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Electric car is a current trend in the transport of goods in industrial parks, high-tech zone and resorts. With outstanding advantages such as running soft, no noise, no environmental pollution along with modern design, electric cars are increasingly trusted by businesses. According to Dai Phat Tin, a good cargo electric vehicle is with a capacity to meet the load, stable and long enough distance. To ensure the above requirements requires electric vehicles to have motors, control circuits along with quality batteries. Normally electric car accessories of big brands like the US, Japan ... the quality will be better and more reliable. Come to Dai Phat Tin's electric car . Our commitment: Electric cars are imported CBU directly from the manufacturer. Curtis control circuit (USA) Trojan Battery (USA) is famous for the most durable brand of the battery in the world. The best price of electric car in the market. Electric vehicle warranty: 12 months. Free periodic maintenance (free of minor damage repairs).


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