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It is necessary to build electric charging stations for electric vehicles in Vietnam

25 November, 2019 xediendpt

Electric cars are the future of the motor vehicle manufacturing industry as well as the development of vehicles around the world because of the outstanding advantages of this type of car called green cars. compared to other vehicles. It is worth mentioning such as saving raw materials – resources, protecting the environment from air and noise pollution, especially very safe for users with very few traffic accidents caused by electric vehicles. as well as not burning as many gasoline vehicles today.

But there is an undeniable fact that there are currently too few electric charging stations for electric vehicles in the world in general and for Vietnam, there is absolutely no such charging stations. At the same time, the infrastructure of the electricity industry is now sufficient and it is not difficult to build fast charging stations for electric vehicles.

Since the end of 2014 in Vietnam, many companies have thought about this issue and set the goal of bringing 10-minute fast charging stations to electric car stores or opening charging stations on the road. But all are only on paper and not done yet. The reason is most likely those companies are not strong enough to develop this field and when they invest in the business, the ability to recover capital and very low because there is no way to collect customers’ money for each charge. Electricity is made simpler, easier. And it’s not safe in the business because the store where the machine is located is unstable and can take a break at any time.

Currently in our country, many people use electric vehicles because of the convenience, economy, safety and environment friendliness of this model. Especially, the students also have a lot less difficulty when they have to cycle to school 2-3 times a day in the hot weather of summer is very tired as well as the cold of winter. Help them not to spend too much energy on moving and concentrating and learning will be more effective. And the parents do not have to have an economic headache because this car is also relatively cheap, only around 10 million VND / 1 car, there is even a cheap car that is just over 6 million VND, and it does not take much time. time and effort to get them to and from school.

But there is a seemingly simple but very difficult to overcome is that every time the electric bicycle runs out of electricity in the middle of the road, the user does not know how to do it other than to bring the bike home. Under the hot and rainy weather, it is not uncommon for people to walk in the middle of a heavy rain or drag on the hot streets like fire at noon, also at the end of the school, many bosses coat to the head to avoid the sun like a camouflage on the street like in a war in the middle of time.

Future car model development trends around the world

Electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric cars are gradually asserting their position in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry in the world, this change can be clearly seen through the increasing sales through years of electric vehicles as well as changes in consumer perceptions of this model especially in the context of rising fuel prices today.

Not only changes in consumer perception, some countries such as the United States, Japan or Europe have government policies to support the development of electric vehicles such as: Facilitating research , support needed infrastructure development, reduce taxes and even tighten emissions for new cars.

In order to accelerate the advancement of technology, many “big companies” have joined hands to develop together to help reduce investment costs and shorten research time. Most recently, the top 4 leading car brands in Japan, Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mitshubishi, have entered into a joint cooperation to develop flexible charging facilities for cars in Japan.

Currently, the most difficult issue that hinders the development of electric vehicles is still the battery problem and the charging infrastructure. However, with the continuous development of science and technology, in the near future electric cars will probably become the golden age when most of the vehicles on the road are electric and the streets will be cleaner. because there’s no more dust, exhaust, and noise.

To overcome these restrictions, the UK government recently started a program to test electric vehicle lanes, which function to charge electric vehicles when they run on this particular lane.

 street for tram
street for tram

In Vietnam, there has not been any support policy to develop electric vehicles, but instead, policies to tighten the management of the heavenly model. For example, in past years electric bicycles and electric scooters did not have to be registered with numbers, so all cars sold at shops or companies did not have to make documents such as registration or customs or car buyers. They don’t need this paper. Registration is a good way to better manage this vehicle such as limiting fake cars, fake cars, better managing the number of vehicles on the road, and avoiding tax losses from the state. But the big problem was that the papers to register, where were the cars previously taken from the sky? And there are also very difficult jobs such as bicycles, electric cars, electric motorbikes belonging to the rudimentary type of vehicle that has never had any provisions in the road traffic law that they must wear helmets for these vehicles. 2, Article 30, Clause 2 of the road traffic law, Drivers and passengers of two-wheeled motorbikes, three-wheeled motorbikes and mopeds must wear a helmet with proper straps.). So when the practice of taking electric cars without helmets is happening more and more, fines for seizing cars of the people or especially the students, they do not understand based on what terms? A range of policies to tighten it instead of supporting and developing this type of vehicle.

Vietnam needs to get in and do a proper research on this kind of vehicle that has these advantages

In our country, small and medium-sized enterprises are quite difficult, it is very likely that they cannot implement fast charging stations, it is necessary to have the involvement of state agencies to develop a vehicle system. green in the future. It would not be too difficult if the electricity industry were to join in as well as the support of the state and the hands-on research of scientists

Surely you will feel very satisfied when the road is no more polluted air, no more fumes of gasoline emitted by vehicles, not rancid noise due to the explosion of gasoline-powered vehicles. In particular, traffic accidents will be significantly reduced because electric cars were born decades ago and are very crowded, but there have been no unfortunate accidents yet. Meanwhile daily we have to receive thousands of traffic accidents and hundreds of life-threatening cases caused by gasoline cars and motorcycles. The increasingly polluted air and the sound of motor vehicles leading to living in the big cities became increasingly stuffy and uncomfortable.

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