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Dai Phat Tin Electric Car Brand No.1 in Vietnam
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It would be at least 2 people need to work together to properly align the electric car steering wheel. The process consists of 5 basic steps as follows:

Step 1:

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Check that the air pressure of the right and left wheels is evenly matched. Check for any deviations of the wheels caused by unbalanced tire wear.
If all is well, aligning the front wheel is necessary.

Step 2:

wheel aligning

Turn off the power and adjust the steering wheel straight along the car body.

Step 3:

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Use the tape measure to measure the distance from the center of the front tire on one side to the center of the front tire on the other side. Then, mark on the tape measure to determine the exact measurement.

Step 4:

Push the vehicle backward by turning the wheel halfway. Note marking the front of the tire, and rolling until the mark rotates to the opposite side).

Use the wrench to adjust the knob on the ball joint (Rotuyn steering) to change the distance. Because this is the actuator and the direction for the wheel (with 1 end is the ball joint). In the event of a steering system deviation, a car is often worn by Rotuyn, which is one of the causes of accidents.

Please tighten the screw after adjustment.

Step 5:

Measure the distance from the center of the tire on one side to the center of the tire on the other side, on the back of the tire, right on the mark.

This measurement is most optimal when greater than 3 or 5 ml from the first distance measured in step 3.
Lock the button on the steering Rotuyn, loosen the button on the steering wheel. After all, the alignment of the steering wheel is completed.

Notes before and during the replacement of electric car battery

  • Turn off the power. Ensuring the car is switched off due to safety is a leading factor in the process.
  • Pull the parking brake to keep the car parked during battery replacement.
  • Clean around, making sure no wrench or any metal objects appear between the two poles of the battery during the replacement.
  • Notice, To avoid electric shock, do not connect the cathode and anode of the battery or connect by short wire.
  • In case of accident, use an insulator to pull the body away from the cathode and anode of the battery

The replacement of electric car battery is carried out in 5 steps:

Step 1:

Disconnect the power cable connected to the negative terminal of the controller. As soon as the power in the power supply is disconnected, remove the power cable from the vehicle.

Step 2:
Remove the remaining power cable, on the left.

Bước 3:

In the power supply, there’re only the battery and power supply fixing plate remain. Before removing and replacing the car battery, it is necessary to disassemble the power fixing plate by removing the screws on the fixing plate.

Step 4:

Carefully remove the battery power pack from the car.

Step 5:

To install a new battery, it is necessary to repeat the order in order to reverse the entire disassembly process:

  • First, put the battery in the car in position.
  • Next, install the battery fixing plate.
  • Then install the power cable.

Note: When installing, please make sure the battery column is clean. The last connected power cable may cause a small spark. Please do not tighten the screw too tightly on the battery fixing plate. Over tightening may damage the power supply.

Step 1: Stopping the car, turning off the power, press the brake pedal. Ensuring the car does not float by itself during changing wheels, safety is the most important.

Step 2: Remove the wheels, you will see the structure of 04 wheel fixed bolts with shaft.

Step 3: Using the specialized tool, remove 04 bolts on the wheel clockwise.

Step 4: Using manual lifting, raise the car wheel off the ground a little distance.

Step 5: Gently remove the wheel from the shaft.

Step 6: Replace the new gear on the shaft.

Step 7: Fasten the 04 bolts that hold the wheel to the shaft.

Step 8: Lower the car to the ground, remove the lift.

Step 9: Tighten 04 bolts clockwise, close the wheels plate. So finished the 09 steps of LVTong wheel replacement process.

The steps to re-charge the LVTong electric car battery

No matter how strong the car specs are, if we do not know how to properly maintain and re-charge the car battery, it is difficult for the car to maintain its long-term durability. The issues are:

  • You do not know how to re-charge your electric car battery properly
  • Your car battery has a short use time, just expired warranty is to be replaced
  • You have to spend a lot of money to buy batteries
  • You are annoyed with frequent power outages while operating a car on the road

Here, let’s learn 6 steps to maintain the battery very durable!

Step 1:
Make sure to place electric vehicles in a dry, ventilated, and clean environment. If you want to charge for multiple vehicles at the same time, be aware of keep power cable neat, not to tangle. This action is to prevent a short circuit causing bad consequences.

Step 2:
Press the parking brake to hold the vehicle in place. Set the shift lever to the center position. Pull out the car key.

Step 3:
Turn off the power switch

Step 4:
Connect the charger to the car’s charging port. Do not put the charging device on the seat or other flammable materials.

Step 5:
Make sure the charging port is properly connected to the battery. The power connection can withstand 16A of electrical power.

Note: When charging multiple cars at the same time, pay attention to the power supply line and the load capacity.

Step 6:
Turn on the charging switch

Note: During charging, keep young children and people away from the charging area. In case the power is short and the plug is loose or hot.

When the charging light (display button) lights up, it indicates that the charger is connected to AC power. After about 5 to 10 minutes, the fan of the charger starts to rotate, the charging button on the screen lights up to indicate that the battery is charged (60%, 100%). The charger automatically stops charging after it is fully charged. After the battery is fully charged, disassemble the charger and power source, and then disassemble the charger with the electric car.
Finish the charging process.

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