Dai Phat Tin Electric Car Brand No.1 in Vietnam
Dai Phat Tin Electric Car Brand No.1 in Vietnam
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Dai Phat Tin Company Limited is a supplier of genuine electric cars in the Vietnamese market. Our main business now is distributing, providing maintenance and repair services and supplying electric car spare parts. Manufacturing and trading imported complete truck electric box body truck.

Currently, Dai Phat Tin Company Limited is one of the major importers of genuine electric cars. With a variety of models, giving the Vietnamese people a variety of four-wheel electric vehicles with quality and reasonable price.

The outstanding electric cars

  • Electric car run in golf courses with a capacity of 2-11 seats
  • The electric car used in luxury resorts has from 2 to 14 seats. Can transport additional luggage, food,….
  • The electric car transporting tourists in eco-tourism areas, urban areas, beach resort, historical sites, inner city areas … can accommodate from 4 to 23 seats
  • Electric Trucks carrying luggage and cargo with a loading capacity of 500kg to 2 tons are used in companies, industrial parks, export processing zones, etc. and at the airports. This vehicle will be designed and manufactured individually according to customer requirements
  • Special-use electric vehicles such as electric cars carrying patients, electric fire trucks, specialized electric trucks, electric cars used in stadiums, schools, …
  • In particular, the Electric street-car is registered to participate in traffic with a capacity of 2 to 11 seats, including the models of Eagle, E-Green, Lvtong.

The Distribution system of Dai Phat Tin Electric Car

Distribution system with many showrooms and countless agents spread across the country. Currently, we have more than 3700 customers in many different subjects. To meet the demand for the use of vehicles at golf courses, resorts, beach resorts, inner-city areas with developed tourism industry, … In addition, we also provide electric vehicles specialized in hospitals, schools, airports, cargo loading in industrial parks, export processing zones and internal manufacturing companies. As of mid-2016, the number of employees of the company has reached more than 500.

Core values


As a leading enterprise in the field of distribution of  ELECTRIC CARS in Vietnam,  ĐẠI PHÁT TÍN  ambition is to maintain this position and expand markets in the ASEAN region, enhance international cooperation to select appropriate technologies, increase the localization rate, participate in global value chains. Create a foundation to develop into a multidisciplinary industrial group, improve competitiveness to reach the leading position in the region.

In addition to production and business activities, Dai Phat Tin also builds a corporate culture environment. Shaping a unique cultural identity based on the business philosophy: “Creating contribution value, improving service value through products and services”. And, the principle: Dedication – Honesty – Wisdom – Confidence – Respect – Trung Tin – Devotion – Convenience”. This is the core value of Dai Phat Tin culture, an intangible asset to create a driving force for development. Dai Phat Tin culture is also expressed through remuneration and benefits (salary, bonus, insurance, allowances …) is always fully implemented by the company.

Dai Phat Tin Culture

“Creating contribution value, improving service value through products and services” is the operational goal (core business value) that Dai Phat Tin pursued from the first days of operation. Accordingly, the quality of products and utilities and support services are always the top two factors of great concern and try to improve through each time working with customers. Along with the principle “Dedication – Honesty – Intelligence – Confidence – Respect – Faithfulness – Devotion – Convenience” is applied in all business activities, creating the full core value of Dai Phat Tin culture.


• Open the branch of Quy Nhon – Da Lat Tourist Electric Vehicle
• Open the branch in Hanoi

• Establishing Doi Vang Ly Son electric car company, Quang Ngai

• Established Thinh Hung Company – Da Nang

• Established Dai Phat Tin Company Limited

Dai Phat Tin Advantage

⦁ Vehicles are available at Showrooms and countless dealers nationwide.
⦁ 100% new cars, imported CBU from the manufacturer. Nationwide delivery, from 01 to 03 days.
⦁ Free maintenance regularly. Design customized vehicles: colors, golf baskets, luggage boxes, cargo boxes, sunshades and rain covers,…
⦁ Value gift set included: hat, shirt, key chain,…

Typical projects have been completed

⦁ Huế
⦁ Đà Lạt
⦁ Phan Thiết
⦁ Thanh Hóa
⦁ Đà Nẵng
⦁ Hội An
⦁ Đảo Lý Sơn
⦁ Phú Quốc
⦁ Quảng Bình
⦁ Côn Đảo
⦁ KDL Đại Nam
⦁ Khu đô thị Phú Mỹ Hưng
⦁ Khu đô thị Đại Phúc
⦁ Bệnh viện Đa Khoa Quy Nhơn
⦁ Bệnh viện Tâm Thần HCM
⦁ Bệnh viện Ung Bướu TP.HCM
⦁ Công ty Cảng Sài Gòn
⦁ Công ty Cổ Phần Tân Cảng

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